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Buying a violin online – the best online violin shops


Every note leaves its mark


antique violins for sale, masterpieces, historic works and rarities. The overview provided here is intended as a point of orientation about the most important online violin shops of stringed instruments (predominantly violins, violas and celli). The companies below were chosen by the site’s editors and are listed alphabetically; we would welcome information about other sources we have not yet discovered.

Corilon violins
Corilon screenshotSpecialist of old stringed instruments and bows in various price ranges – from affordable to very fine masterpieces. Shop offers online audio sound samples. Generous return policy and trade-in program.
Located in: Munich, Germany
Shipping: international

Thomann screenshotOnline dealer, accessoiries, strings, instrument sets
Located in: Burgebrach, Germany
Shipping: international

Cardiff violins
Cardiff violins screenshotNew and used instruments for all levels, but mainly student quality
Located in: Wales, United Kingdom
Shipping: international

Tim Toft violins
Tim Toft violins screenshotViolin maker, old instruments, sets, strings, accessories and new instruments
Located in: Stone, Steffordshire, United Kingdom
Shipping: international

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