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Violin makers in Great Barrington, MA

Where can I have my violin / cello / viola repaired in Great Barrington, MA? Who makes stringed instruments in Great Barrington, MA? A curated list of luthiers



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Francis Morris Violins


master violinmaker, restorer


trade, new building, repair, restoration, leasing, accessories


Francis Morris is a leading restorer, violin expert and luthier, who studied at the Mittenwald School of Violin Making and subsequently worked for some of the most renowned ateliers worldwide: Fritz and Michael Baumgartner in Basel, Switzerland, Hans Weisshaar and Robert Cauer in Los Angeles. He established his own workshop in Great Barrington, MA in 1984 and specialized as a restorer and dealer of finest stringed instruments and bows.

As a maker, Morris won a Certificate of Merit for Tone from the Violin Society of America.

Francis Morris sells a selection of restored antique violins, violas and cellos, and new works by him and his shop foreman Michael Anthony Daddona. Workshop instruments are imported, unfinished violins, that are finalized in his workshop, as a more affordable option. He offers violin, viola and cello bows of all qualities, accessories and luthier services.

Francis Morris provides a rental program even for highest quality instruments, with credit for future purchases.

In Albany, NY, Francis Morris runs a branch office.

65 Pumpkin Hollow Road
01230 Great Barrington, MA
United States
+1 413.528.0165