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Buying instruments online: mail-order companies


Jede Note hinterlässt Spuren


Buying a stringed instrument online has long since lost its stigma, despite the misgivings that many musicians still have about the topic. Even though no online catalogue can substitute for trying out a violin for yourself and seeing what impression it makes on you, buying an instrument via the Internet offers indisputable advantages. The wide-ranging selection of different online shops alone gives musicians a dazzling spectrum of choices, including not only inexpensive mass-produced instruments but masterpieces, historic works and rarities. The overview provided here is intended as a point of orientation about the most important online sources of stringed instruments (predominantly violins, violas and celli). The companies below were chosen by the site’s editors and are listed alphabetically; we would welcome information about other sources we have not yet discovered.

Corilon violins
Corilon screenshotOnline source of fine historic and old stringed instruments and bows
Located in: 81669 Munich, Germany
Shipping: international

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